Neil Cole’s The Last Of Us

© Dave Brown

© Dave Brown

Neil Cole has crafted a new documentary dedicated to smash hit survival game The Last Of Us for online gaming portal, Ginx.

Already a stand-up comic, actor, dj, presenter and real-life Man of Action, Cole has also been spending much of his time working on reviews and interviews for the website, its YouTube channel, and on occasions, their tv series for digital channel Challenge.

Tackling the award winning Playstation 3 game The Last Of Us, however, has proved to be a different challenge.

The game has made a resounding impact on the industry, with a film adaptation strongly rumoured, and critics falling over in praise at the various, era-defining leaps in narrative, characterisation and gameplay it offers.

As such, Cole has spoken to a number of gamers about why this particular title – an impressive five years in the making – has succeeded in just about every possible way, and the results can be seen below, in a special 48 minute documentary, presented by Neil.

Even for non-gamers like us, this is fascinating stuff… enjoy…

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