Ghosts Of Baker Street


Like seemingly everyone else in the UK, TVO has been enjoying the third series of the phenomenally popular Sherlock – starring that unstoppable duo Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

As we mentioned late last month, Episode 2, which aired tonight, featured our very own Alice Lowe as a nurse who believed she had experienced a rather supernatural affair… in more ways than one!

What seemed like a very small part at first, turned out to be a crucial factor in understanding the episode’s deepest mystery.

She wasn’t alone, either.  Along the way, Lowe was joined by none other than Debbie Chasen, formerly of Tittybangbang fame!


This double whammy of TVO related fun continues to cement Sherlock safely in our realm, following appearances by Katherine Parkinson and Tony Way in Series Two finale The Reichenbach Fall.

Then you can factor in both Cumberbatch and Freeman’s links back to Onion Land via appearances in Nathan Barley and Blake’s Junction 7. Then there’s Jonathan Aris in Sightseers.  Oh, and Louise “Molly Hooper” Brealey playing Julian Barratt‘s daughter in The Government Inspector on stage back in 2011.  See… we can connect almost everything and everyone back to TVO if we try.  Six Degrees of The Velvet Onion… now that’s a board game waiting to happen!

In essence, all of this activity reminds us once more that where once our remit was as cult as could be, recent years have seen the rest of the world wake up to the fact that the people we feature on our pages are good. So very, very good.

To catch the episode again if you missed it, or just want to savour its delights once more, it’s now available on iPlayer – and will be appearing internationally in the coming months.

Series Three is also available to pre-order on both dvd and blu-ray from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store, as is a box-set of all three seasons.  And whilst we’re in the mood for sharing links, you have until Thursday to listen to the final episode of Series Two of the sublime Alice’s Wunderland on iPlayer before it vanishes forevermore.  Or, at least, until a repeat. The game is on!

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