Cook Commences Countdown, Reverse Engineering’s On!

© James Cook

© James Cook

James Cook has unveiled a new video for his cover of David Bowie’s Ashes To Ashes.  Sordid details following…

This time last year, the world was about to be rocked by the news that the Thin White Duke himself was to release his first studio album in ten years, with The Next Day becoming a critics favourite overnight.

Around the same time, completely coincidentally, big Bowie fan James Cook recorded his version of Ashes To Ashes with regular collaborator (and valuable friend) Anne Marie Kirby, and a string section in, fittingly, Berlin.

The track was released straight away for free download, and marked the first track in his proposed Reverse Engineering releases – two 7-track EPs featuring reworkings of material which meant a lot to the former Nemo frontman, ahead of his second solo album proper.

Further tracks were revealed throughout the year, and thanks to the little green wheels at TVO, you can download a free copy of Making Plans For Nigel as part of our festive EP until Wednesday, with the rest available for a name-your-price scheme now.

Now, out of the blue, comes a music video proper, as James gears up to finally release the second part of the project.  As soon as we have links, we’ll let you know, but for now, stay tuned to his official website over yonder.  You can see the new video below.

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