House Of Fools Revealed!

The Velvet Onion has received details of the brand new project from comedy legends Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer, House Of Fools.



The sitcom features an ensemble cast, including TVO regular Matt Berry, and another name often bandied about these parts, Dan Skinner (Dutch Elm Conservatoire, Common GroundAngelos Epithemou).

Set in Bob Mortimer’s home, House Of Fools sees Bob frustrated by his uninvited lodgers, visitors and guests who constantly fill it. These are led by Vic Reeves, bu also feature Bob’s Norwegian son, Erik, (Daniel Simonsen) and his somewhat hazy next door neighbour slash fantasist, Julie (Morgana Robinson).



Berry’s character is, in typical Matt style, a lady-obsessed lothario called Beef, whilst Skinner is portraying Vic’s Geordie ex-con brother, Bosh, bringing his own brand of surrealist mayhem to an already anarchic sounding show.

In the first episode, The Conan Affair, Beef lines up a hot date for Bob, but his plans to watch Conan The Barbarian in peace with his new lady friend are squashed when Vic breaks the telly.

Episode two, The Pork Pie Affair, finds Julie entrusting her prize pork pie – designed as a gift for Bruce Willis – onto Vic & Bob, but Bosh and Beef just can’t resist sampling it, and Erik gets roped into their attempts to replace it.

It all sounds gloriously silly, as it should be from Reeves & Mortimer, and looks set to bring them back to our tellyboxes with a bang.  Episode one looks set to air on Tuesday January 14th at an unspecified time on BBC Two HD.

We’ve got a gallery of images to savour below, and will bring you more info as soon as we have it. Until there, there’s a brief Q&A with Vic & Bob over yonder.

To celebrate, we’ve also collated Vic & Bob’s current DVD releases in our TVO Amazon UK Store, with seminal classics like The Smell Of Reeves And Mortimer available from as little as £4.25 each! Check out the collection here.

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