The Tony Law Tape

A raw edit of an aborted radio pilot featuring Tony Law has emerged online.

© The Angry Microwave

Produced in collaboration with comic John Luke RobertsThe Tony Law Tape finds that giant, history-straddling legend of a man they call ToneZone deep in conversation with Roberts on his life, achievements and experiences.

Across thirty minutes, which were, according to Roberts, “turned down for broadcast on the grounds that it was, and I misquote, far too good”, topics include Genghis Khan, the milk of wolves, Roman society, the possibilities of Tony Town, horses in the past, and the ethics of rugby when it involves decapitation.  Standard.

You can hear the whole tape below, and don’t forget that Tony Law is currently mid-residency at the Soho Theatre, where he shall remain until mid-January.  For a full list of dates, go over there.

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