Merry Mashed Christmas From Rich Fulcher & Co!

That mystical beauty… that ephemeral wonder… that intoxicating titillator Rich Bloody Fulcher has sent us a special message to everyone at TVO and our readers, filled with seasonal greetings and information on his brand new show.

© Channel 4

Cast your minds back to December 2012, and you may recall Fulchybaby presented a round-up of the year for Channel 4, entitled 2012:Mashed.  Well, it’s back, with more wacked out sketches and celebrity pastiches from some of the biggest minds on YouTube.

This year, that list of contributors includes Hayden Black of Goodnight Burbank fame.

We can’t wait, but sadly we have to – as the show will air on December 29th at 11:05pm exactly, give or take a minute, because we’re not scientists or schedulers.

For more from the Mashed team at The Connected Set, visit their YouTube channel as soon as possible.  But first, check out the video from Rich to us (and you) below…

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