Beef Scarecrow Returns!

© Waen Shepherd

© Waen Shepherd

The fourth-ish and (to-date) final Gary Le Strange album is now available for download.

Originally recorded in 2006 to promote his grand, uncompromisingly bizarre multi-concept leviathan live show of the same name, Beef Scarecrow saw Le Strange abandon his former “Neo-Regency Face Warrior” persona in favour of a genre-busting mash-up of psychedelia, prog, glam rock, folk, jazz, blues and Britpop.

The results were typically wonderful, taking Gary’s paranoia and grandiose ego and fusing it with satirical social comment, and stonking tunes to die for.  Tales of rotting scarecrows, evil pipers, violent whelks, genetically re-engineered wolves, imaginary cartoon swan Gods and bowler hats with bees which at the time alienated live audiences expecting a typically LeStrange vision, but have since gone on to cult acclaim.

After all, these new songs included Bowie-esque sweeping ballad, Shivering In The Rain, and Jagger-tinged hard rocker Midnight Bastard.  Other standouts include the majestic Secret Wolf, which we were privileged to give away free as part of our limited edition In Holo Serica EP last year, and the epic tale of Michael The Swan, which Gary performed at our inaugural TVO Live event in May 2012 – footage of which we’ll be uploading very soon, so stay peeled.

© Steve Ullathorne

© Steve Ullathorne

Now at last, thanks to the tireless efforts of Le Strange’s biographer and archivist Waen ShepherdBeef Scarecrow is available once more, completing the back catalogue of Le Strange reissues in time for future concepts from this most elusive of artists.

Beef Scarecrow can be downloaded now from CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.  Preview clips can be heard on Waen’s website, which also features 259 Things You Wish You Knew About This Album.

Also available are debut album, Polaroid Suitcase, follow-up Face Academy and lost mini-album Glamoronica.  For links to all of these, plus a smattering of rare tracks – visit Gary’s mini-site over yonder.

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