Future Shepherd

Waen Shepherd has joined the cast of a new sci-fi tinged radio sketch show.

© Finite Funnies / Gareth Tunley

© Finite Funnies / Gareth Tunley

2525 will aim to reveal just how life will be in 512 years, when kitchen appliances are competitive, stand-up comedians are robots and The Beatles have become a religion.  Some would argue we’re already halfway there, so perhaps if man is still alive and woman can survive, the world may sound something like this!

Making this a reality are Cartriona Knox, Jamie Demetriuo, Jenny Bede, Keiran Hodgson and our very own Mr Waen.  Recordings take place at Up The Creek in Greenwhich on Monday 9th & Wednesday 11th December, then again on Wednesday 8th January, and applications for tickets can be made now via SRO Audiences over yonder.

For a previous musing on sentient kitchen appliances from Waen Shepherd, check out the seminal Is My Toaster Sentient via it’s Stewart Lee directed video below.

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