“Brenda Monk Is Funny” Has All Your Money!

© Oliver Lim

Katy Brand‘s crowd-sourced debut novel has reached its publication target, which means it will be winging its way to buyers asap!

The novel, Brenda Monk Is Funnywas first announced 18 months ago via specialist publishers Unbound: a pay-to-publish scheme, which lets interested readers pledge various amounts in return for the book and additional prizes depending on the donation.

It pours Katy’s experiences as a character comedian on the live circuit, as well as television and radio, into the titular character – a kind of semi-alter-ego, yet very much her own beast.  Brenda Monk is addicted to stand-up, and the recognition it brings, and her attempts to make it in a tricky business in which no slot on a bill is too late, and your ex would often steal all your best jokes… or vice versa!

Planned to be a series of novels about Brenda’s journey to comedy super-stardom, and its crowd-funding reached its 100% target this evening, making the book a reality at last.

If you’d still like to pledge – e-book versions are available for just £10, first edition hardbacks for £20, signed hardbacks for £50 and there’s a few more extravagant prizes too, from an invite to the launch party right up to Katy acting as a sort of comedy aunt who will offer private, insider advice on your work if you’re a budding comedian yourself.  Who knows?  It could be the start of something as wonderful as the adventures of Brenda Monk herself…

To join the pledgers, visit Unbound now – and you can hear Katy talk about the book a bit more in the video below.

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