Partridge In The Norwich Sky

An illuminated Alan Partridge features in this year’s Christmas Lights in the city of Norwich.


The light display includes a 30ft sculpture of Partridge’s face. And, if that alone wasn’t enough, it sings Roachford’s 1980s hit Cuddly Toy, which the character sang in the movie, Alpha Papa.

Actor Simon Greenall, who plays the character of Michael in the movie and I’m Alan Partridge, read a message on behalf of the character at the ceremony to switch on the lights.

The message said: “Dear people of Norwich, and to a lesser extent anyone here from Suffolk – welcome! I’m genuinely heartbroken not to be there with you, but it’s quiz night at the Rose & Crown and I’m the designated driver. You’re about to witness the biggest turning on of lights since the end of the three-day week.The electricity used to power the illuminations is enough to run a trouser press for over 25 years. Instead, it’s powering an LED effigy of my face and body, lighting up the Christmas night just as the Archangel Gabriel did over two thousand years ago. I hope you have a wonderful festive season. A-ha.”

You’ll be pleased to know that all attempts to shoehorn a reference to a “Partridge in a pear tree” into this post have failed. Next time!…


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  1. No, but I did notice the acronym of the American Humane Association was AHA!


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