Emmys For Chris & Rhys

© Emmy

© Emmy

We mentioned a few weeks ago that both Chris O’Dowd and Rhys Thomas were nominated for International Emmy Awards, and we are pleased to announce that the 41st International Emmy Awards took place yesterday at the New York Hilton and there were some TVO faces there to accept awards!

Rhys Thomas’s Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender tied with Hello?! Orchestra to win the Best Arts Programming award. His documentary focusing on Queen’s Freddy Mercury and the solo projects he worked on outside of Queen, has already won a Rose d’Or award this year.

Moone Boy co-written by and starring Chris O’Dowd won the Best Comedy award, fighting off challengers from Brazil, France and South Africa. The second series of the comedy about 11-year old Martin Moone, growing up in a small town in Ireland is soon to appear on Sky 1.

Sean Bean also won Best Performance by an Actor for Accused. to see a full list of winners click here.

As always, if you have missed either of these gems, the Emmy Award winning Moone Boy and the Emmy Award winning The Great Pretender, are available now from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

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