Micks & Legend & Aisling Bea

Every so often something manages to get past our eagle eyes and take us by surprise. This is one such time, and what has slipped under our radars is Aisling Bea‘s new radio series, Micks & Legends. We’re sorry.



The 4-part series on BBC Radio 4 offers comic modern rewordings of some of Ireland’s most popular folklore.

Written by and performed by Aisling Bea and Yasmine Akram (London Irish, Common Ground), the series presents an unconventional way of telling these well-known stories, involving a strange collection of  inappropriate modern-day metaphors.

Unfortunately the first two episodes of the series have already been and gone. However, episode 3, ‘Deirdre of Sorrows’, is available on iPlayer here for a further 3 days, and you can catch the final episode ,’Children of Lir’, on Radio 4 at 23.15 on 21st November.

Fans of Aisling’s comedy can also see her this Wednesday at Bar FM in London along with fellow TVO-connected artist Tony Law, plus Brian Gittins, Mike Wozniak and Mark Silcox. Tickets cost £8 and the doors open at 7.30pm; for more information about the show from Knock2bag and to buy tickets click here.

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