Win Noel Fielding’s Hat

© Canterbury Times

© Canterbury Times

Yes, that’s right, you can be the proud owner of the hat worn by Noel Fielding in the TV series of The Mighty Boosh!

The hat and mask – signed ‘Vince’, are part of a sealed-bids auction, held by Tankerton Football Club to raise cash for a new ground for young footballers in Whitstable.

The hat and mask are not the only TVO related items in the auction – here are a selection of some of the lots available:

Lot 1: The Mighty Boosh

The very hat worn by Noel Fielding as Vince Noir in the hit TV series.  Lot comprises one black Elizabeth Parker hat and one Colette Elcock Chameleon mask signed ‘Vince’

Lot 3: Lenny Henry

A limited edition Lenny Henry print photo signed by photographer Dave Brown

Lot 4: Vic Reeves

A plate of original artwork by Vic Reeves from his Vast Encyclopedia of World Knowledge. The page is signed by photographer Dave Brown

Lot 5: Bob Mortimer

A limited edition Bob Mortimer print photo signed by photographer Dave Brown.

Lot 15: Horrible Histories

A box set of Horrible Histories Series 1 to 3 signed by the cast

There are also football and cricket shirts, tickets to see Russell Brand live, theatre tickets, DVD’s and books and many other items, many of them signed by the stars of stage and screen.

If you want to take part in the auction, you have to send a sealed bid by email  by 6pm on Sunday 24th. Full instructions and details of all the lots can be found at the Canterbury Times Website.

Why not have a go? It’s for a good cause and someone has to win!

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