Fielding’s Cat Art In LA

One of Noel Fielding‘s paintings will form part of a new exhibition about cats that’s taking place in Los Angeles in the new year.

© Noel Fielding/Hooligan Art Dealer

‘Cat’ will take place at a pop up location (as yet unannounced) for 8 days from 23rd January 2014. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Stray Cat Alliance.

It will feature work from over 50 acclaimed artists including Noel, Tracey Emin, Tracey Emin, Ray Caesar, Justin Mortimer, FAILE, CYRCLE, Gary Baseman, Marc Dennis, Tim Biskup, Anita Kunz, Luke Chueh, Sage Vaughn, Christian Furr, Steve Schapiro, Shepard Fairey and Frank Stefanko.
In a recent interview with exhibition curator, Susan Michals, she explained the thinking behind the cat theme, saying: “We are celebrating felines for their role as creative instigators and inspiration — not just companions. There are many factors of the cat persona that go into this show.”
The painting that Noel will be showing in the exhibition is ‘Acid Tabby”, as seen here.
For updates about the exhibition follow Cat‘s twitter feed.  For more information about Noel’s art and to buy a piece for yourself visit his art dealer, Hooligan  Art Dealer.

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