Yonderland Is Here!

At long last, Yonderland begins this Sunday, 10th November, on Sky1 HD.

© Ollie Upton / BSkyB

© Ollie Upton / BSkyB

The first two half-hour episodes are being shown from 6:30pm, with the next six episodes shown weekly.

As regular readers know, Yonderland is written by and stars the main cast of Horrible Histories – Matthew BayntonSimon FarnabyMartha Howe-DouglasJim HowickLaurence Rickard and Ben Willbond.

Also along for the ride is Dan Skinner and Clare Thomson, making this a fully fledged TVO free-for-all! The comic fantasy focuses on Debbie Maddox, a mum who drops her twins off at school for their first day, only to return home and be confronted by an elf with a magic stick at the back of her food cupboard.

The elf transports her to another world filled with carnivorous plants and strange creatures, where she finds she is the ‘Chosen One’.

Watch a clip from the first episode here and a Q and A with the cast there, where they talk about their influences when writing the show. And, because we like you, we have some character profile images for you below…

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