Leeds & Pieces

Pieces – the latest short film from brilliant up and coming director Jack Weatherley – will be a feature of the Leeds International Film Festival next month.

© Jack Weatherley

As we mentioned a few months ago, the short reunites Weatherley with recent collaborator Paul Kaye, as well as seeing him hook up with fellow TVO regulars Alice Lowe and Michael Smiley.

Also starring George MacKay and Tanya Franks, Pieces follows an unspoken incident which unravels the lives of two families into nightmare, fracturing time and memory.

It’s beautiful stuff, shot by another name with big TVO connections, cinematographer Laurie Rose (The Baron, Sightseers, A Field In England).  Film buffs can see for themselves at a special screening on Thursday, November 21st at Hyde Park Picture House.

Tickets are a mere £6, and the short is on the same bill as others featuring the likes of Stephen Mangan and Ben Wishaw, so pick some up now!  You can see the trailer below.

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