Noel Fielding Introduces Gus The Fox

© Gus the Fox

If you’re one of his 100,000 twitter followers, Gus the Fox will need no introduction. For those of you who haven’t yet had your twitter feed darkened by his surreal and salacious observations, please allow us to enlighten you…

For the past 12 months Gus has recorded his daily thoughts, activities and interactions to share. He’s the weekly ‘Agony Fox’ for Shortlist Magazine, and an avid blogger and tweeter. To give you an idea of what Gus is about, you can buy a mug on his website that bears the slogan A big fuck off dildo covered in wasps. Ever topical, today Gus brought us his photos of the hurricane aftermath. Now he’s bringing out a book, and the reason that we’re telling you about it is because Noel Fielding (a big fan of Gus) has written the foreword to the book.

Gus The Fox’s Scrapbook is a miscellany of snippets and scribblings from his own personal collection, including a ‘Guide to Fox Slang’,  ‘Recipes’, ‘Gus’s Agony Column’, ‘Binventions’ and an extract from his eagerly unanticipated ‘Erotic Novel’. He shows us modern urban dwellers in all our trashy, low-down grossness, and takes no prisoners in the process.

The book is published on 7th November, but you can pre-order it now from The Velvet Onion amazon store for just £7.69 (RRP £12.99) by clicking here.

Look out for our exclusive interview with Gus coming soon, when we’ll be asking him about his relationship with Noel and attempting to get the lowdown on the true dynamic between Gus and the Crack Fox.

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  1. Hello out there! Any news on Luxury’s 2nd series coming out? Those of us who only get it via YouTube don’t hear much news, but are chomping for more weirdness.


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