The Boosh Is Loose In CAL-I-FOR-NI-AAAAA!!!!!

This weekend saw The Mighty Boosh play two shows in California, with a last minute gig at The Comedy Store being followed by Tenacious D’s well publicised Festival Supreme.

© Adrian Shellard

TVO’s US correspondents Gina R Snape and Teresa Whelan were on hand to document events, and this is their exclusive report…

Peelers around the globe either woke up in hazy happy disbelief or frantically searching the internet for all the glorious proof that The Mighty Boosh really did play two gigs in California this weekend.

© Gina R Snape

Have no fear! It wasn’t a dream. And The Velvet Onion was there for everything! So here’s our round-up. (Apologies for the delay. But unfortunately Naboo’s flying carpet didn’t have WiFi on our return trips home).

The Friday night benefit at The Comedy Store for Drop In The Bucket was a heck of a show. Viewers were treated to a full hour set!

Despite terrible jetlag, Naboo must have provided some incredible energy potion because the boys pulled all the stops out! Here for our readers is a TVO exclusive shot of the setlist.

Next came Festival Supreme, with an intense half hour set (sleuthy peelers can find clips on YouTube). The Boosh opened with “Electro Monk”, Julian performed Yeti solo, Noel returned to the stage for Hello Little Deer, and Old Gregg (who proclaimed he located Howard thanks to Tenacious D)  appeared for Mangina and Love Games – ending with a fan service nod to Stockholm Syndrome.


Introducing the Mirrorball Suit 2.0!
© @NickYoussef

Fans went mental as Noel stripped down to Mirrorball Suit 2.0 And Julian ripped off his elbow patches to reveal elbow tassles! No Boosh show would be complete without a “Don’t Touch Me!” declaration, Noel throwing artwork into the crowd, and a healthy dousing of Bailey’s by Old Gregg. The crowd cheered for an encore when they left all too soon. (Dave Brown confirmed on twitter that they had a 30 minute pull-the-plug limitation).

Olly kept the beat in the back, and fans screamed with delight when Naboo and Bob Fossil made their appearances.

Readers are welcome to click here for the full collection of TVO photos. The events may be over, but the magic lingers. Thank you, boys, for bringing the Mighty Boosh together, coming to the States, and leaving us with tears of Oniony joy.

For more pictures from the shows, see below…

Electro Monks
© Gina R Snape

Noel strips down to the Mirrorball Suit 2.0
© Gina R Snape

Don’t touch me!
© Gina R Snape


Elbow Tassles!
© Gina R Snape


© Gina R Snape

© Gina R Snape


© Gina R Snape


© Gina R Snape

5 Comments on The Boosh Is Loose In CAL-I-FOR-NI-AAAAA!!!!!

  1. This will not be the last time I say this (these will probably be my last words,) BUT THEY KNOW. They KNOW about SS. They have to. Riddle me this: If Noel had found the slash…. wouldn’t he have found Stockholm Syndrome, it being one of the most famous fics? (I don’t like calling it that, it’s its own book…. but Noel IS Pip in his simplest form!)


  2. My wife and I were fortunate enough to catch both shows! We drove all the way down from Oregon. (Who needs Christmas presents anyway?) The Comedy Store was by far the better show just because we could see and hear them. They’re even funnier live! Rock gods, all of them. The tent at Festival Supreme was so crowded that we were all pinned together and only the tall people could see (unlike us Hobbits). But it was still neat to meet so many Boosh fans. We all agreed that the Boosh should do an American tour!


    • Oh, I was totally glad to see both shows. Way better than a Christmas present! 🙂 🙂 🙂 It was interesting to see what they cut out to whittle it down to half an hour. And yeah, AMAAAZING live. I do think if they did a tour in the States that it would sell out in the blink of an eye.


  3. Hopefully this means they will start doing stuff in the UK again. Fingers crossed as I am visiting in January!


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