Carnival Of Monsters To Keep


Colin Hoult‘s recent radio series for BBC Radio 4, Carnival of Monsters, is now available to buy.

The 4-part series starring Colin Hoult, with Zoe Gardner and Dan Snelgrove, features a bizarre mixture of bizarre, comical characters and sketches, presented by a sinister Ringmaster.

During the course of the series we meet such monstrous oddities as Thwor, the mighty (Leeds-based) god of Thwunder; Len Parker – Nottingham-born martial arts and Transformers enthusiast; and Anna Mann – outrageous star of forgotten cinema hits such as ‘Rogue Baker’, ‘Who’s For Turkish Delight’ and ‘A Bowl For My Bottom’.

TVO attended one of the recording sessions for the series, and Colin’s ability to transport you to another world through his voice alone really is pretty incredible.

On iTunes the cost of each half hour episode varies (rather confusingly and dramatically) from £1.29 to £7.99! If that makes your head spin, far simpler would would be to procure it from Audiogo, where you can buy the complete series for £1.99.

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