Ben Wheatley To Direct Doctor Who!

Sometimes there’s no need for puntastic headlines, when the most simple statement can bring the most joy.  Yes, Ben Wheatley is to direct the first two episodes of the next series of Doctor Who.

© Charlie Gray

© Charlie Gray

The incredible director has seen his star on the ascent in recent times, following rave reviews and several awards for his first four films – Down Terrace, Kill List, Sightseers and A Field In England, and he’s currently in pre-production on horror flick Freakshift, JG Ballard adaptation High Rise and HBO drama Silk Road. 

Somehow, one of the busiest men in the business has found the time to sign up to direct Peter Capaldi’s debut as the Twelfth Doctor, with filming commencing in December for transmission next year.

Ben told Screendaily, who broke the exclusive: “I am very excited and honoured to be asked to direct the first two episodes of the new series of Doctor Who. I’ve been a fan since childhood (Tom Baker is my Doctor if you are asking).  I’ve been watching the current run of Doctor who with my son and have discovered it all over again. The work that has been done is amazing. I’m really looking forward to working with Peter Capaldi and finding out where Steven Moffat is planning to take the new Doctor.”


Ben is the first big name movie director to be brought in to direct the series, which in recent years has seen a huge growth in popularity worldwide.  Another famous fan, Peter Jackson, has recently gone on record to say he’d direct an episode in return for a genuine Dalek prop from the show, and Neil Gaiman has written two episodes in recent years.

Doctor Who returns on November 23rd for it’s 50th anniversary special, then on Christmas Day for current Doctor Matt Smith’s final outing in the show.  Peter Capaldi, who will then take over the role, will appear alongside Jenna Coleman in Series Eight (or Season 34, if you will), which will air in Autumn 2014.

Whilst you wait, you can catch our archive interview with Ben Wheatley from our Sightseers takeover over yonder, and pick up any of Ben’s previous films on dvd or blu-ray from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

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