A Bit Of Boosh At The Pleasance

Plans to keep the details of the recent Mighty Boosh warm up shows out of the public domain seem to have been derailed by the giddy connectivity of social media. So we figured it would be polite of us to do a quick round up of what’s out there for those amongst us who don’t frequent the fan forums and blogs:

© Ryan Taylor @ The Pleasance

Last week’s Boosh shows at Soho Theatre were marked by their unexpected degree of polish; by contrast, this Thursday’s show at The Pleasance Islington felt very much like being let in to watch a rehearsal (which, afterall, is exactly what a warm-up is). What’s surprising is that the evening was none the worse for it.

© Becky

For the assembled audience, the technical glitches and subsequent on-stage ad libbing felt like being invited in to watch – and be part of – the inner workings of Boosh. We got the chance to spend an evening in their company, as opposed to simply watching them perform on stage.

Although none of it was planned, there were many moments that made this gig feel special: the ad hoc dialogue between Julian Barratt on stage and his adorable kids in the front row; the sight of three monks leaning helplessly over a silent drum kit; Noel Fielding‘s never-ending impersonation of a fold-out map; and the clever one-liners, glances and giggles that frequently erupted from the stage.

© Lustache Licker

The Boosh Band performance which wrapped around these improvised moments was still solid and vital, carried along by the bubbling on-stage chemistry between Noel and Julian.

It’s a credit to their professionalism and talent that the show lost none of its life force and charm when events nudged it along a different path. In fact, the verdict afterwards from the Boosh friends and family who turned out in force for the gig was that it was like being back at the Hen & Chickens all those years ago. A little shambolic perhaps, but that’s part of their charm – and the magic is still very much there.

For those of you who want the spoilery details, check out The Mirror’s review (it’s nice to see a tabloid being supportive for a change!).

And for those of you who are lucky enough to be going to Festival Supreme this week, you’re in for a treat! We reckon the Mighty Tent is going to be the place to be:

© Festival Supreme

Many thanks to Becky & Lustache Licker for helping us out with photos…

© Becky

5 Comments on A Bit Of Boosh At The Pleasance

  1. Read at your own risk.

    It did say that the mighty tent was the olace to be, so we are going to have to get good and close as we want, as early as possible! xx



  2. What a great report that evokes great memories.
    I came from another country for this show and was really charmed and impressed by the atmosphere and everything. Would certainly do that again if I have an opportunity.


  3. Frankenbitch // October 13, 2013 at 11:14 pm // Reply

    Great review (as ever) Mog. I have come to recognise your writing now – if it had a flavour it would be extremely palatable and definitely something I would keep in my cupboard as a tasty snack! You seemed to capture the essential ingredients of the evening very well indeed. It is good to see the Boosh performing together again – as a shambolic creative unit tossing ideas around and making it up as they go along (sometimes). I really do believe they all work together so well – it is a shame for them not to celebrate their fabulous, flambouyant chemstry on stage. It would be great if they did another tour. I remember those times with fondness.


  4. Thanks for the festival map! It’s a huge help 🙂 I was wondering where everything was going to be.


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