Hoult Meets The Irish

© Channel 4

Every once in a while, the enormous scope of Onion Land means we miss a moment of TVO goodness, and whenever that happens, and we find out afterwards, we put our tails between our legs and tell you anyway, because we know you care.

Such is the case with a surprise appearance in this week’s edition of new Channel 4 sitcom London Irish, which we’ve been enjoying on Tuesdays for the last two weeks.

The show starring the magnificent Sinnead Keenan of Being Human fame, alongside Kerr Logan, Peter Campion and Kat Reagan covers the misadventures of four foul-mouthed, drink-loving Irish twenty-somethings living in London.  It’s oddly charming in spite of the venomous language, with savage wit and great performances, so we’re keen to keep an eye on it, even if it’s not something we’d feature normally.

Until that is, a certain Colin Hoult rocked up in this week’s episode, as a lonely man in a dressing gown, with a rather interesting way of spending a night in.

You can catch up with the episode in question over on 4oD now, as well as the show’s YouTube page.

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