Man Vs Ride Reaches The UK

© National Geographic / Neil Cole

© National Geographic / Neil Cole

Neil Cole‘s brilliant new documentary series Man Vs Ride is now being shown in the UK.

We first told you about the show last month, when it received its world première on Australian channel Nat Geo Adventure.  The show sees Cole – an early collaborator of Julian Barratt, and a founding member of Pros From Dover – take on the world’s roller-coasters, thrill rides, race cars, camels and more.  Yes, that says camels.

It’s fun stuff, though it seems late last week the show quietly sneaked into the schedules for UK channel National Geographic, so quietly that not even Neil was aware of it!

The good news is that the first episode is being shown again on Wednesday 16th October at 10pm.

In the meantime, enjoy the exclusive behind the scenes production still atop this post, as Neil explains: “This shows just how shitscared I was, about to do a record-breaking 5th consecutive indoor 70m free-fall in a Soweto cooling tower!”

For more info, a video of Neil racing a rollercoaster in a race car, and a rather fetching photo from Blackpool’s sea-front – visit their website over yonder!

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