Have A Grandee Monday At Hen & Chickens

© Steve Ullathorne / The Grandees

© Steve Ullathorne / The Grandees

And now… a break from our usual programming to give you a special ticket-bargain offer, as TVO is proud to be able to offer you half-price tickets to see rising sketch trio The Grandees next week.

One of the joys of The Velvet Onion is that we get the opportunity to big up a number of talented funny people who don’t usually get the credit they deserve.  Every now and then, a new name arrives on the scene, and we watch as they grow and grow into something magnificent.

Seminal comedy venue The Hen & Chickens, partially run by James Wren no less, will forever be legendary in the bowels of TVO, for being the home of the very first residency by The Mighty Boosh, and it has proved to be a training ground for many an alternative comedian ever since.

It’s latest protégés are sketch-comedy troupe The Grandees, who have been garnering rave reviews from various members of the press since their Edinburgh debut five years ago.

Comprising of Marny Godden, Tom Turner and Andrew Mudie, the trio are delightfully silly comedy rock stars in waiting.

But don’t take our word for it – ask the man who first booked the Boosh, and is treated like a father figure by most of our regulars, the wonderful Mr James Wren, who tells us: “I really think they are the most inventive, creative, bonkers group I seen since we had The Boosh.”

Or, for that matter, Bob Pipe, who adds: “I second that! Grandees are my favourite comedy act around at the mo. Their show is massively inventive, and to connect them to the TVO world, they appeared in an episode of The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains.”

So there you have it… one to watch, we think.  And watch them, you most certainly can do, as they’ll be at Hen & Chickens from next Monday (October 14th), with the first of their twice monthly nights at the venue.

Monday eve will see them perform typically bonkers antics, alongside guests Beth Vyse and Joz Norris, and thanks to TVO, you can get in for half price – a measly £3.50 each!

To buy half price tickets on the door for Monday October 14th, just quote the phrase: “The Velvet Onion sent us.” to the lovely H&C staff.

You can then use that extra £3.50 saved for a nice drinky, as you savour what’s promising to be an almighty night of whacked out comedy.

If you’re still unsure, you can see a (very old) preview of what The Grandees can do below, thanks to a clip from Chortle back in 2009…

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