New Boosh Track To Air On XFM

It’s been a Booshy few days at TVO – but we figured you probably wouldn’t mind!

© Universal

© Universal

We’ve already tweeted that Lliana Bird will be playing a Mighty Boosh track on her XFM radio show tomorrow, but now we’ve gleaned some more exciting information about it that we wanted to share…

It will be the world exclusive first play of a new Boosh song called Sunflash & Bublay, which was recorded at the iconic Electric Ladyland studios in New York as part of their (as yet unreleased) album. The record was produced by Dave Westlake (Sneaker Pimps) and the Boosh.

As well as playing the new track, Birdy will also be speaking to Noel Fielding during her show, which you can hear tomorrow (Saturday) between 4 and 7pm.

According to XFM’s website, this is happening in honour of the anniversary of the first airing of a Monty Python show on the same date in history. We’re not quite sure of that link either, but if we get unreleased Boosh, we’re not complaining!

1 Comment on New Boosh Track To Air On XFM

  1. Linda Reeve // October 4, 2013 at 8:18 pm // Reply

    Will be tuning in from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Thanks Birdy


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