New Radio 4 Sitcom To Seek Out


Seekers, a new radio sitcom, starts on BBC Radio 4 this Thursday.

The six part series is about a job centre employee who’s made redundant and is faced with the belittling scenario of returning to the place where he worked to find employment. The action revolves around the characters that frequent the Essex job centre, some desperate to get back to work, some trying their best to never have to work at all.

The cast features TVO-relevant Steve Oram and Tony Way, and stars Mat Horne; it was written by Steve Burge, who’s worked on previous projects with Tony Way and Rhys Thomas, including the brilliant Burge & Way sketches.

You can hear  the first epsiode ‘The New Seeker’ on Thursday at 11pm on Radio 4. For more information about the series visit the show’s web page, which includes audio clips and further details about the key characters.

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