Tony’s Convenience Coming Soon

Tony Way is one of a number of stars making cameo appearances in forthcoming British comedy film Convenience.

© Convenience

© Convenience

The film stars Four Lions and Utopia actor Adeel Ahktar and former Eastenders and 28 Days Later star Ray Panthaki as two hapless thieves who attempt to rob a petrol station, only for a bungled heist leaving them with a locked up manager and a need to stay in the station until the safe’s auto-timer opens once more.

To this end, they end up posing as workers alongside junior manager Amy (Broadchurch‘s Vicky McClure) – until another set of robbers turn up with their eye on the same prize.

It all looks like gloriously silly fare, and with added cameos from the likes of Anthony Head, Verne Troyer (no, really) and our own Tony Way, it’s probably set to become a cult favourite for many years to come.

Convenience recently premièred at Raindance, but as yet doesn’t have a confirmed release date.  We’ll bring you news of one as soon as we hear it, so stay peeled.  In the meantime, check out the first trailer below.

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