Next Year… We Shall Mostly Be… Reuniting.


2014 may be a few months away yet, but already, there is much to look forward to, as Charlie Higson has suggested the 20th anniversary of The Fast Show shall be marked by a reunion of some sort.

The smash-hit sketch show (which our US readers may know better under it’s Stateside title, Brilliant), originally ran from 1994 to 1997 on BBC Two, before going out on the road, then returning for a reunion mini-series in 2000, and a Farewell Tour in 2002.

The rapid-fire series originally starred Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson, Simon Day, John Thompson, Arabella Weir, Mark Williams and Caroline Aherne, with a number of recurring supporting actors on hand to back up the big guns.  The unsung heroes of The Fast Show were the likes of Eryl Maynard, Paul Shearer, Maria McErlane, Colin McFarlane and of course, Rhys Thomas and Tony Way, which is where TVO comes in.

It really was huge: it’s catchphrases entering the cultural lexicon (“Ooh, suit you sir!”, “I’m afraid I was very, very drunk.” and “Scorchio!” just three random samples), and its biggest characters becoming iconic.   Even Hollywood legend Johnny Depp got hooked and begged to appear in an episode.  And then, all of a sudden, it was gone… until that is, most of the team (sans Williams) reunited for a string of webisodes – also featuring Lucy Montgomery – via Fosters and YouTube in 2011 and 2012.

Now, according to Charlie Higson, who spoke to Radio Times, the team are hoping to reform.  He was quoted as saying: “We are talking to [the BBC] about doing something. I suspect it will probably just involve getting together and talking about the show and not doing new sketches.”

More excitingly, he added: “We’ll probably get together and do something for the fans – not for TV but for the stage, like a two week residency in a London theatre, where people would be prepared to pay to watch us for one last time.”

Hopefully, we’ll have more news on that in the new year… aren’t reunions brilliant?  You can see a classic sketch featuring Rhys Thomas, below…

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