Boosh Warm Up Line Up Announced

As you’ll know if you’re a regular peeler of this here website, earlier this week we broke the news that The Mighty Boosh are performing two warm-up shows at the Soho Theatre. We can now confirm who the comedians are who will be performing before the Boosh Band take to the stage.

© Soho Theatre/The List/The Basis

The line up will consist of Joey Page, Stuart Silver and Holly Burn. Many of you will know Joey as one of the acts who we’ve supported over the years (his TVO connection stemming from his various links with Noel Fielding via his involvement in Luxury Comedy and as a Buzzcocks panelist), but you may be less familiar with the work of the other two acts.

Stuart Silver is an award-winning writer/performer/producer/director/mentor who works across a variety of creative channels.  His Velvet Onion pedigree is  pretty impressive, with appearances in The Mighty Boosh, Luxury Comedy, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and Man to man With Dean Learner. He’s worked extensively with Kim Noble as the acclaimed nobleandsilverAnd if more was needed, he’s  recently produced a “featurette” for Richard Ayoade‘s film The Double. You can find out more about Stuart on his website.

Holly Burn is a stand-up comedian who has been described by the Guardian as “extravagantly odd… a some-time sketch performer, some-time character comedian, but in truth her refreshingly peculiar material defies easy categorisation.”  She was also named the ‘New Hero of Alternative Comedy’ by Bizarre magazine in 2012. To find out more about Holly visit her website.

The three acts will perform at the two Soho Theatre shows before the Boosh Band. They promise to be quite a night!

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