It’s been some time since we heard from Jacqueline Wright – the director of Lifespam and one half of Jackal Films – but now TVO is proud to present her latest work, in the form of short film Mute. 

© Jacqueline Wright

© Jacqueline Wright

The piece is based upon the short story by legendary horror writer Stephen King (as featured in his 2008 anthology, Just After Sunset), and stars acclaimed theatre and television actor Patrick Ryecart as a middle aged man with a troubled past, who picks up an unusual hitch-hiker.

Typically visual, the film relies heavily on Ryecart’s magnificent performance, and as with much of Wright’s best work, the director creates wonders with a limited budget to form a minimal classic.  You can see it in full below.

Wright, who is currently developing three comedy-horror film projects, has also recently created a couple of idents for this year’s Film4 Frightfest, which recently took place at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, and returns for it’s annual All Nighter event in London on October 26th, and various venues across the country (including Bristol, Glasgow, Newcastle and Sunderland on November 2nd).

These reminders that you’re not really in the best place to use a phone are a little bit NSFW, so we advise caution if you’re viewing them in the office, but the rest of you can enjoy a chuckle over on Jacqueline’s Vimeo channel now!

If you missed the wonder of Jackal Films glorious Calendar project, in which Wright and Alice Lowe made twelve shorts in one year, you can see them all again, plus various other noteworthy TVO shorts after them, via this handy playlist below.  Enjoy…

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