TVO Live Videos Part 9: David McNeill with Stephen Evans & Gareth Tunley

After a Summer break, it’s time once again to bring you more videos from The Velvet Onion Live!!

That star studded event in May 2012 featured the likes of Dave Brown, James Cook, Antony Elvin, Stephen Evans, Suzy Evelyn Hall, Mike Fielding, Richard Glover, Alex Kirk, Alice Lowe, David McNeill, Tom Meeten, Steve Oram, Laura Patch, Richard Sandling, Holly Jane Shears, Rachel Stubbings, Will Summers, Dan Tetsell, Gareth Tunley, Dolly Wells and the disembodied voice of Rich Fulcher.

We’re inching slowly but surely towards putting on more events in the future, and began showcasing footage from that glorious night of madcap fun earlier this year.  Then we got a little distracted on filming a documentary on the set of a certain forthcoming second series, and the videos had to go on hiatus.  Hell, if Doctor Who can do it, so can we!

So, enjoy the latest slice of lo-fi posterity, which just so happens to be one of the strangest parts of the evening.  Here, David McNeill explains the danger of David Chang, with help from Stephen Evans and Gareth Tunley.  It’s completely bonkers, but we loved it on the night, and we love it now…

If you missed our previous videos in the series, you can check them out via this handy playlist over yonder.

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