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© Mr Bingo

© Mr Bingo

TVO’s favourite abusive cartoonist Mr Bingo is a busy chap at the moment, with public appearances and interviews aplenty!

Sadly all the tickets for Bingo’s afternoon talk at tomorrow’s Reasons To Be Creative festival in Brighton have now sold out, but you can still follow the event via twitter and facebook. Take a look here for more information about the festival and to see who else is speaking.

Don’t despair about missing out, however, because there’s still time to catch him on Sunday evening at Dalston Roof Park in East London (time unspecified, but it’s open 3-10pm on Sunday). To find out more about the venue visit their facebook page. Although nothing is mentioned on facebook about Mr Bingo, according to his twitter, he’ll be there. As he says: “If you’re in London on sunday, I’m doing a talk about Hate Mail at @DalstonRoofPark in the evening! Free to members. £3 to join!”

Finally, why not have a read of a recent interview he did with arty/lifestyle/travel  website, Voyages D’Etudes? In the interview he talks about his love of strange postcards and how they became the medium for his most famous art project, Hate Mail. Click here to read the interview (you can then click through 13 pages in total, which isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds – many of the pages are postcards). Bon voyages!

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