New QI Series Starts Friday

The 11th series (the appropriately-named Series K) of QI begins on Friday 6th September, in its regular weekly slot of 10pm on BBC2. And the reason we’re telling you this is because the new series features a couple of TVO faces!

© Talkback / Quite Interesting

© Talkback / Quite Interesting

Earlier this year we revealed that Noel Fielding would be making his first appearance on the quiz show. The episode in which he features is called ‘Kit & Kaboodle’, and according to some  (not wholly reliable) sources, it’s due for transmission on 13th September. Also on the panel will be Ross Noble, Colin Lane and, of course, Alan Davies.

Graham Linehan will also be making his first appearance on QI in another episode due to be shown later in the series, entitled ‘Knowledge’. Alongside Linehan will be Jo Brand, Jimmy Carr and Alan Davies. You can catch glimpses of him in this trailer for the new series.

As soon as we get confirmation of the actual transmission dates for these shows, we’ll let you know. All we can say for sure at this point in time is that they’ll air some time on or after 13th September. For regular updates about the series, you can also follow QI on twitter.

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