GuruMediator Gets Isolated!

Here at TVO Towers, we’re big fans of YouTube remixer GuruMediator, who has been taking British comedy classics and given them messed up dance remixes for the last few years – check out his channel for a string of delightful pieces featuring the likes of BottomRed Dwarf and Withnail And I to name but a few.

So imagine our delight when this popped up on our screens – a full blown dance mix given to Isolation: Howard Moon’s ode to an eternity left alone on a desert island from series two of The Mighty Boosh.

It’s short and sweet, and is making us itch for more… and joins ZooZoo by Pogo, Ol’ Gregg by Godeemis and Electro-Man by T-Pain on the hypothetical TVO mix-tape. Play it loud!

1 Comment on GuruMediator Gets Isolated!

  1. I still like Zoo Zoo the best, but I’m about to go on an all out techno dance/rage/breakdown.


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