The Count On DVD



The first series of Count Arthur Strong finished it’s run last week and is now out on DVD.

The six-part sitcom is co-written and directed by Graham Linehan and stars the creator of The Count – Steve Delaney and Rory Kinnear. TVO regular Waen Shepherd is a guest star in the second episode.

Join Arthur as he runs Ripper tours from an ice cream van, gets a job recording a radio play, entertains the locals when a riot breaks out and tries out his doggy double act for ‘I’m in Show Business’.

The DVD is, of course, available at our  TVO Store, with special feature  Behind the Moustache – The Story of Count Arthur Strong.

If you’d like to ‘try before you buy’, the series is still available on BBC iPlayer, where you can also find the original radio show.

Count Arthur Strong will be back on your TV screens in another series next year.

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