Mike Fielding The Storyteller

Mike Fielding will be taking part in sixth Sensoria Festival 2013, the UK’s annual festival of film, music and digital creativity, which takes places in venues across Sheffield, 26th – 29th September.

© Dolly Wells

He will be participating in an event called Now Will You Listen! on Sunday 29th September at Lantern Theatre (Sheffield’s oldest theatre, fact fans!), Kenwood Park Road Sheffield S7 1NF.

Now Will You Listen! is an illustrated audio visual book of short stories and surreal poetry, created by musician Mick Somerset Ward and Dean and Jarrod of I Monster. It will be narrated by prominent names from music and film (including Mike, plus Gavin Friday and actress Julie Stewart), and soundtracked by a variety of instruments from electronics to woodwind. And what’s more, this is its world premier!

There are two performances – at 3.30pm and 7.30pm and tickets cost £6 (£5 concs). Click here to purchase tickets.

For more information about Sensoria visit the festival’s website.

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