Colin Hoult: Edinburgh Triple Bill

Unless you’ve been living in a comedy vacuum for the past few weeks, you’ll be aware that many of the UK’s finest laugh-makers are spending this month north of the border, at the Edinburgh Fringe. One of our happy family, Velveteer Helen, spent a few days up there and has brought back for our shared delectation mini-reviews of the TVO-related shows she witnessed. To kick things off, here’s a few lines about Colin Hoult‘s Edinburgh appearances:


© Matthew Hopkinson

© Colin Hoult

This is Colin Hoult‘s one-man show, which tells the story he started writing at 7 years old – about Snottingham, a mythical place near Nottingham.

The origin of the title Characthorse is revealed and the show contains dancing, Star Wars, Transformers, Sir Patrick Stewart, Evil Bill, UHT milk, masks, ostriches and ducks – in fact, something for everyone!

There is a singalong and some audience participation, but no humiliation. This is a really funny show, with some fantastic characters, all brought to life  by Colin, who carries the audience with him and his imaginary friends, telling the story on the way.

If you’re in Edinburgh, get yourself to Pleasance Courtyard Upstairs at 6pm. Join Colin on his very personal journey through his imagination. You won’t be disappointed.

Real Horror Show

© Colin Hoult

© Colin Hoult

This is an ensemble piece, written by and starring Colin Hoult, with Sarah Daykin, Matthew Floyd Jones, Stuart Laws, Louise Stewart and John Kearns. Dark, scary and disturbing, the show is a linked series of short plays about the horror of the real world.

There are no appearances of supernatural monsters or aliens – just people, which makes the experience all the more horrific.

Don’t miss this if you are going to Edinburgh, but take a friend if you’re easily spooked!

Real Horror Show is at Assembly Roxy Upstairs at 10.45pm.


© Darren Richman

© Darren Richman

In this show there’s a riot, and The Traffic Wardens are in the firing line, so they retreat to an abandoned cricket pavilion to wait it out. Joining them is a Community Support Officer and – surprisingly – a Chemist.

The police seem to be taking their time to sort out the situation and the hostages only have a cooler full of Lilt, a jar of Club biscuits and a box of games to keep them occupied.

As time goes by, they get to know each other better and try to work out what started the riot and who may be responsible for their predicament. They also realise there are no toilet facilities available.

This comedy satire has plenty of laughs, as the group tries to work out how they have come to be in this situation.

Wardens is written by Garrett Millerick and Darren Richman and starring Paul Putner, Colin Hoult, Vikki Stone, Nish Kumar, Steve McNeil and Thom Tuck. You can be see in at Assembly Roxy Upstairs at 3.30pm.

Keep your eyes peeled for more from Helen’s Edinburgh experience…

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