Geek Week Onion Leak!

The realm of Onion Land has sneaked into YouTube’s Geek Week virals.  The website’s latest themed collection is somewhat vague, but it has at least provided us with a couple of TVO nuggets.

First up is good ol’ Bob Pipe, with a chance for budding film-makers to look under the bonnet of short film-making and see the mechanics at work, in How NOT To Make A Short Film. The clip features the likes of Richard GloverGareth Tunley and Alex Kirk, and the score is provided by Waen Shepherd.  It’s typically very funny stuff, which you can see below…

Elsewhere, cult web show  Knighthood And Decoy (another great show from The Multiverse), has bagged itself an impressive guest star in the form of Chris O’Dowd, who appears as Knighthood’s long dead father.  You can see the madness below.

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