A teaser for a new short film featuring Alice Lowe, Paul Kaye and Michael Smiley has emerged online.

© Wingbeat Pictures

© Wingbeat Pictures

We’ve been keeping an eye on Pieces for some time now, as it’s writer/director Jack Weatherley was previously responsible for stunning 2011 short film Straight Way Lost, also starring Paul Kaye.

For his second short, Weatherley has attracted a top-notch list of collaborators.  Alongside Kaye, Lowe and Smiley are Tanya Franks from Pulling and Defiance star George McKay.  To further the TVO connections, cinematography comes courtesy of Laurie Rose (Sightseers, A Field In England, Kill List, Down Terrace).  And the soundtrack comes via the impressive collaboration of Pablo Clements and James Griffith – both of UNKLE fame, under their Toydrum moniker.  You can see the teaser below.

Shot in just three days but in the making for two years, the trailer looks utterly amazing and we can’t wait to see the finished film.  To keep an eye on the release, visit Jack’s official website, and follow him on Twitter.  We’ll bring you more news as soon as we can.

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