Masters Of Celluloid

© Bob Pipe / Channel Flip

If, like us, you’re missing your regular dose of The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains, you’ll be pleased to know that a very special spin-off series is now available.

Masters Of Celluloid purports to be a long-lost making of series from the 1950s b-movie serial, but much like the main show, is actually the work of Bob Pipe.  As well as producing and directing the spin-off, Bob has co-written it with legendary film actor Warwick Davis and another regular from these pages, Colin Hoult.

With Davis in character as director Stanley Chester, Colin Hoult as angry hardman actor Eric Shepherd, Ruth Bratt as Chester’s wife and collaborator, and Louie Bayliss as Eric’s special friend “Pickles”, the cast also includes Jamie Glassman, Chris Kendall and Katie Farquhar.

It’s a real treat, extending the universe of …Brains in a fresh and interesting way.  You can see the first two Warwick-centric episodes below.

If you missed the parent show, you can see every episode of The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains, featuring a whole host of TVO regulars, over yonder, and read our interview with writers Bob Pipe, James Wren and Phil Whelans right here.

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