Alan Partridge: “My Love Letter To Norwich”

Revived broadcaster Alan Partridge premiered his long awaited feature film in his home city of Norwich yesterday, to a rapturous reception.

© Baby Cow Productions

© Baby Cow Productions

The presenter, who first appeared on the sports desk of seminal news program On The Hour and it’s television counterpart The Day Today, was encouraged to host the premiere in Norwich following an extensive fan campaign, though Partridge denied there was any doubt the city would play a part in celebrations.

He stated: “You can imagine how hurt and litigious I felt when people said I was planning to debut my movie in London instead of Norwich, or that I’d allowed my head to be turned by the prospect of big city fame.  Any suggestions I’ve hastily cobbled together the lunchtime Norwich screening in response to a local Twitter campaign will be met with the full force of the law.”

The film, which is a dramatisation of events in Alan’s life, co-stars Four Lions star Nigel Lindsay as an executive at North Norfolk Digital, which was rebranded as Shape in a corporate takeover not long  before a hostage situation in which Partridge became chief negotiator.

Colm Meany of Star Trek fame plays chief villain Pat, and the film also co-stars Sean Pertwee, Anna Maxwell-Martin and Darren Boyd.  Alan, obviously, plays himself and as ever, the watchful hand of his mentor, Steve Coogan, helped bring the project together.

The film is released on August 7th, and you can see a special preview clip below, alongside the full UK trailer.

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