Anglia Square, Not Leicester Square!

© RadioTimes

Alan Partridge will be returning to his roots in Norwich for the premiere of his first feature film, Alpha Papa!

It has been a busy time for Baby Cow co-founder Steve Coogan, with alter ego Partridge returning to the limelight, his stellar performance in Look of Love and the announcement of a Coogan biography in the pipeline – to name a few!

Now prior to the release of Alpha Papa and with some of it’s scenes shot in Norfolk, the citizens of Norwich started a campaign to bring the premiere of the film to their home town – and with much success! The feature will now have its red carpet event in the fens!

If you’re a local or fancy the day trip up, the premiere will be taking place on 24th July at Hollywood cinema in Anglia Square, then later than same night London fans can view the film in Leicester Square!

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