Law On Tour

© Tony Law

For a wee while we’ve been making excited squeaks about occasional one-off Tony Law gigs ahead of his Edinburgh Fringe stint in August. Now, however, we can bellow with utter joy at the news of an full Law tour this Autumn!

Tony will be taking his Nonsense Overdrive show around the UK, starting in Liverpool on October 2nd and ending in London’s Soho Theatre for a run of 25 (!) dates (3rd December to 5th January). In the interim, the tour will visiting most major cities nationwide (the likes of Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff, Belfast) and a fair few less obvious places besides (e.g. Kettering, Stockton, Winchester…no disrespect meant to the inhabitants of said places).

In a nutshell, if you live in the UK and have even the vaguest interest in the kind of comedy we champion at TVO, Tony Law will be performing somewhere near you in the Autumn, so you really should go and see him.  He’s blissful live. For the full list of dates and venues and to book tickets take a look at Tony’s website.

Don’t forget you can see him at the Edinburgh Festival in August too.Tickets and information are available here.

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