Onion Fringes: Part 5 – Joey Page

The Edinburgh Fringe is almost upon us, with a host of TVO favourites set to descend upon the city between 2nd and 26th August.  In the build up, we’re bringing you a great show to go and see every weekday – from our regulars to shows beyond the usual confines of Onion Land.

Our showcase on this fine day is not only a star in the making but a good friend to TVO, Joey Page takes his latest show Reality is outside, paradise is in the brain, to the Edinburgh Fringe.

© Joey Page

© Joey Page


Joey Page: Reality is outside, paradise is in your brain


Pleasance Courtyard


31 July – 26th August




Reality is outside, paradise is in your brain!

Known as the Linford Christie of stand-up and described as a ‘Unicorn you want to look after’ by Noel Fielding – Joey Page is often compared to a lot of our favourite and well know abstract comics out there, yet if you have seen him already, you will know well that he has the writing talents that make him stand out as a stellar and very underated comedian. Taking the mundane and turning it on it’s head in a way that sling-shots you off the ground, spiraling you into the air , then bringing you back to reality with such a shock that you start seeing stars and birds. .

Sounds great no!?

Rather than a mish-mash of words, each joke seems like an art form and a well-worked string of concepts and annecdotes that bridge the gap between observational and abstract.

© Joey Page

Page has been a huge supporter of The Velvet Onion and we have been lucky enough to receive a plethora of competitions, interviews and exclusives from him over the years. Last year was a busy year for the gent, with his television debut on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and BBCThree’s Fringe Live, resulting in a change of agents and some interest from the television bods, therefore we took the chance to chat for an insightful, in-depth interview with Joey about the comedy circuit these days. For any aspiring comedians out there, this is one comic that knows the circuit like no one else – well worth a watch and a look into his development.

Having travelled to the Fringe for a number of years, he is now back with a vengeance with his fresh new show Reality is outside, Paradise is in your brain. You’ll find the show running at the Pleasance Courtyard from 20.30, not only are Joey’s shows great for random wit and the odd nonsense, we’re sure you’ll find this one of the funnest shows at the fringe, with a mix of stand-up, sketches & props, and a hint of a children’s birthday party!

Runs from 31st July to 26th August at Pleasance Courtyard. We’ll have another Edinburgh recommendation on Monday, and every weekday throughout July, so stay peeled!

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