“Be More Dog” Says Barratt

Julian Barratt has leant his voice to another advertising campaign, this time in the shape of O2, the mobile network.

© o2

© o2

The campaign marks a new approach for the brand, which it hopes will show a lighter, more enthusiastic side of the company ahead of its 4G launch. The ‘Be More Dog’ campaign aims to highlight the possibilities of its technology that it says encourages customers to “live more, do more and be more”. The TV ad was produced by advertising agency VCCP, famous for their long-running meerkat campaign.

Whether Julian is taking over as the permanent voice of O2 remains to be seen. One of his predecessors was fellow-professional Yorkshireman, Sean Bean.

You can view the new TV ad by clicking on the image below:

2 Comments on “Be More Dog” Says Barratt

  1. As a dog lover – I loved this advert! I like cats – but cats are more about the aesthetic – ie they are cute and fluffy. Dogs are emotional ane energetic – they leap up, they lick your face – they love or hate you. If you they are excited they bark, if they are pissed off they bark. Oh yes, that is the downside – they can bark a bit too much sometimes. But my point is – even though they can be dangerous creatures – they are loving loyal beasts if reared and treated well. They are not unlike humans – if they are neglected as puppies and abused – they grow up feral and angry. Julian has a lovely voice!


  2. I knew that was Julians dulcet tones on that ad immediately!!!! Nice to hear from someone who loves dogs AND cats….I like cats and they make great pets but I loved my dog as much as I love my son(my dog passed away at 15 and a half years old, the day before my son was born),My dog protected me like nobody ever had and was a real little hero. One valentines day(1994?) I was without a single valentine card and he, I swear on my childs life, did a shit in the shape of a perfect heart when I took him out for his morning walk( was the days before mobile phone cameras unfortunately). Many dont believe me but that is a true story!!!!


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