Mighty Beck At The Barbican

The social media buzz around Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt’s appearance together at last night’s Beck show has been deafening.

© Barbican Centre

© Barbican Centre

But for those of you who don’t freqent the online discussion boards, please allow us to present to you a little round-up of last night’s performance:

The word on the web is that it was a pretty special night, and their performance was really well received. Even Noel tweeted afterwards, “Our first gig together for years we still have the magic.” Bless.

© Barbican Centre

Ably supported by musical skills of Oly Ralfe, you can see their performace of ‘We all Wear Cloaks’ below. However Beck meant for the track to sound, the boys have made it every inch a Boosh song:


It’s like they never went away, eh?

5 Comments on Mighty Beck At The Barbican

  1. So fab to see Boosh performing again!


  2. Janie Freeman // July 6, 2013 at 1:48 am // Reply

    I think it’s a very interesting idea that Beck released the Song Reader Album as sheet music.
    ‘We all Wear Cloaks’ suits the Boosh very well. Wish I was at that show!


  3. Lovely stuff.
    Like a favourite old cloak. 😉


  4. really good!
    Julian such a good guitarist.


  5. I love the performance and seeing them together again is such a beautiful thing.

    tahnk you for the extra photo 🙂


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