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The air date for the first episode of Colin Hoult‘s sketch-based comedy show Carnival of Monsters has been confirmed – and it’s this Monday!

It’ll be broadcast on Radio 4 Extra, BBC radio’s specialist comedy, drama and children’s programming station (available via digital radio).

You can catch the first show at 9am and 10.30pm on 8th July, then at 2am on 9th July. Click here to listen in when the show airs.

Carnival of Monsters features a chaotic collection of colourfully weird and ever-so-slightly sinister characters, taken from Colin’s live show of the same name. They’re played with extraordinary vocal skill by Colin, and the support of his regular collaborators, Stephen Evans, Zoe Gardner and Dan Snelgrove.

Monday’s broadcast will be the first of four episodes which were recorded over two nights in May this year. We were lucky enough to be at one of the recordings, so we can say with a fair degree of certainty that it’s worth tuning in for.

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