Yonderland Preview… Over Yonder!

We’re just months away now from the launch of Yonderland – the new fantasy sitcom from the team behind Horrible Histories – and our anticipation has been whetted by the good folk at Sky1 HD.

© Working Title Television / Sky1 HD

They unleashed this preview picture featuring Simon Farnaby as evil over-lord Negatus, this morning, along with a preview summary of the plot for the show.  To find out more about Yonderland, which uses our favourite word meaning ‘over there’, click here to go yonder!

Yoderland will air on Sky1 HD later this year. The team are also working on a feature film for BBC Films, which we told you about previously.  More news on both as we get it, so stay peeled…

Update: A ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ trailer for Yonderland has now been released, which you can view below:

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    OK, looks like something from a ComicCon


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