Berry Good Merch From Duckworth & Lewis

© The Divine Comedy Records

He was infamously on the receiving end of a bat in an episode of Snuffbox, but unlike Bob Fossil, Matt Berry really does like cricket.

What he likes even more, though, are the good folk behind The Duckworth Lewis Method – the baroque art rock band formed by The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon (who composed the theme music for The IT Crowd and Father Ted, no less) and Pugwash frontman Thomas Walsh.  The latter band recently toured in support of Berry, after Matt guested on the original Duckworth Lewis Method album in 2009.

Now the band have returned with new album Sticky Wickets – which again features Matt’s sumptuous narrative prowess.  He also acted as the model for the artwork for lead single, It’s Just Not Cricket, which can now be yours to own on a canvas bag or mug.

Yes, that’s right… you can walk down the street in your electric sex pants and silver cowboy boots, carrying your belongings in a bag emblazoned with Matt Berry’s groin and buns.  Alternatively, you can drink your whiskeeeeyyyy, or beverage of your choice, from a similarly emblazoned ceramic mug.

© The Divine Comedy Records

Both the bag and mug are available to pre-order now at the new Duckworth Lewis Method official merch store, and if you don’t have their two glorious albums yet, you can pick up The Duckworth Lewis Method and Sticky Wickets from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store now.

Catch the video to It’s Just Not Cricket once more, below…

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