Dan Clark & The Difficult Three: Out Today!

© Dan Clark

© Dan Clark

Today saw the release of Dan Clark‘s debut album, Dan Clark & The Difficult Three.  Velveteer Paulyne has been savouring its delights, and brings you her review, below:

This day was bound to come.  Dan Clark has made no secret of his wish to be the next Jon Bon Jovi, and after his PledgeMusic page reached 100% last month, his long awaited comedy rock album was distributed to all pledgers on this very morning, and is now available to buy elsewhere too.

The album includes tunes to make you snort out laughing on a quiet bus, as you have flashbacks to your own experiences of the subject matter. Remember that time you answered the door to the gas-man/plumber/bailiffs wearing something either not yours, not enough or with the infamous ‘glory hole?’ Or remember that time you googled your first date as soon as you got home?  This album is for you, and it offers a great mix of observational & real experiences with unimaginable situations to upbeat tunes.

If you have been lucky enough to pop down to any of Dan’s regular Clarks comedy nights, then all the songs are recognizable.  But producer Ben Parker and his band of The Difficult Three have taken simple acoustic numbers and pumped them up to 11, turning them into something that spans every rock sub-genre imaginable.

The album starts with an introduction, reminding you that Clark is first and foremost, a stand-up.   Then comes Pippa: the story of his new relationship with Pippa Papadopoulos, the GP.  Bread & Milk has me picturing Billy Joe Armstrong blasting this out as a bonus track on the next Green Day album!

© Dave Brown

© Dave Brown

Tranny With Amnesia has become one of my favourites, and one I’d say has worked the best on record.  It seems Clark has taken a serious turn a quarter of the way through the album, then as the story develops it becomes catchy and at the same time hilarious.

Midway through is an introduction to the second half of the album. It’s a great addition adding a tinge of stand-up to the ‘rock’ album, chronicling the essence of a live show.  By the time things round up with epic rock ballad Tit Biscuits (‘’I decided to leave the final song ‘til last’’, Dan explains) the simulated great live show feels big, bold and hilarious, and makes you crave another live show, if you have been there before!

There’s a slight disappointment that the great Horny In The Morning didn’t make it to final recording – though that’s a sensible move for the PG-13 audience out there that will be purchasing the album.  However, don’t assume that the rest of the tunes are the cleanest!

To an audience who have experienced Clark’s nights, most of his live shows, or simply fans of Don Danbury, this is a treat to listen to with some hilarious observational lyrics that take a more outlandish turn. For listeners new to Dan Clark, it may be a slightly more difficult listen at first… though that’s all the more reason for it to be released to the fans via PledgeMusic first.

Order your copy right here, plus for tickets to the next upcoming Clarks head right over here.

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